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Collection of wall lamps, designed as reading or support lights, designed with a hemispherical aluminium structure which works as a switch that one can presses tot turn on the light. A lamp that evokes an emergency button where, through the form, the interaction with the user is reconsidered.

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Having detected a problematic narrative and format in the exhibition “From the World to the Museum. Product Design, Cultural Heritage” of the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, and with the will to contrast and document existing information regarding the exhibits, this work presents some notes that serve as a guide to make an alternative visit to the exhibition, through the contextualization of some of its objects and the elaboration of a new narrative discourse.

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During the last edition 2017 of the design week of Milan, the emblematic Palazzo Isimardi was the scene of a selection of pieces of furniture and lighting by designers, manufacturers and publishers throughout Catalonia. A project carried out by the BCD and the Generalitat de Catalunya, which had Emiliana Design Studio as commissioners and which hosted the lamp Aro, among the hundred selected proposals.

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Hanger designed from the arrangement of one or more hangers that placed upside down, acquire the function of a conventional standing hanger.

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The Garbí ceiling fan is a sleek modern design that fits perfectly in contemporary themed spaces. It features a central warm white LED light source housed behind a matt opal glass diffuser, so not only is this fan great for controlling the temperature within a room it also provides a central light source.

Fully remote controlled for ease of use and safety, the fan has variable speed settings and a reverse function to suit Summer and Winter times. It has a central steel structure in a matt white finish with transparent acrylic blades, a combination that gives this ceiling fan a great profile and look.

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Versatile lamp conceived as a light source adaptable to various types of structures that allow for its incursion into different spaces and lighting contexts. The system, designed like a ring situated in the back part of the lampshade, allows the light source to be gently slid and oriented. A spotlight equipped with LED technology, with adjustable lighting intensity operated by a touch button.

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Wall lamp designed for Faro Barcelona. It has USB port and shelf for mobile or books, is perfect for bedrooms, it allow win space and use the LED reader for reading on bed. The light source is an E27 MAX 20W bulb, not included, and a LED reader with 3W warm light integrated.

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“Paraboloids, hyperboloids and helicoids, constantly varying the incidence of the light, have a nuanced richness themselves, which make ornamentation and even modelling unnecessary”. Antoni Gaudí

The Gaudí lamp is simple and free of any ornamentation, formed from suspended catenary arcs that envelop a simple point of light. The catenary is one of the keys to Gaudí’s work, an extraordinarily simple element yet crucial in the design of many of his buildings. It is based on the curve traced by a chain when held up by its ends and subjected to a uniform gravitational field. The word is derived from the Latin catenarius and means inherent to a chain.

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Multifunctional element which allows the the configuration of small islands in office and hospitality spaces. A place to hang your coat, charge your mobile, tablet, laptop or deposit your belongings.

Made of a tubular structure and perforated steel plate, Islands is available in different colors. The main board is the base to place multiple accessories, including a hanger, a shelf, a magazine rack, a bookcase, a letter box, a pencil holder, a security box, an acoustic panel and three different capacity containers for paper recycling or to leave organic waste.

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Structure: anodized aluminium profi les joint together inside. All joints are covered by plastic caps. Body: metal panels or optionally in alucobond or plastic. Bag support rings included or optionally inner metal liner.

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Large capacity wastepaper bin made of rotomoulded polyethylene, 100% recycled and recyclable, ideal for outdoor use. Made-up by two pieces, body and top, screwed together and, depending on the version, fitted with a security lock. The optimised design allows for 5 different wastepaper bin versions, with different options according to the needs. The bag is hidden inside either fitted on the body or held by bag supporting rings. An optional pictogram which can be customised is available to identify the type of waste.

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Since 2012 I am working as a freelance journalist in On Diseño Magazine. An architecture and design magazine founded in 1978, promoted by a group of professionals of independent views who were completely disassociated from the pressure groups that are so commonly found both in publishing and in the field of architecture.

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Box’s bin has been selected for Delta Awards 2012 competition, organized from Adi-Fad. During next months will feature in the exhibition The best design of the year, a presentation of winning and shortlisted projects of the various prizes awarded by Fad’s design associations.

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Simple and functional coat hanger, ideal for daily use at the office. Body and base made of painted steel and hooks made of injected strengthened plastic. As an option, hangers can be used with the hooks. The piece has been designed to eliminate the maximum building components, greatly simplifying the assembly, compacting its packaging and getting a functional and very economical piece for its market category.

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Brahma is the new family member of Pedret Lighting lamps present at Light & Building 2012. A lamp made of solid brass and porcelain lampshades, with suspension, flush, wall, floor and table versions.

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Modular sofa made ​​up of two parts, seat and armrests, that are articulated for making various items easily adaptable to different spaces and needs. This project is looking for a producer.

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Since 2007, a member of ADI-FAD, the catalan Industrial Design Association. Its pioneering character has been promoted by the favourable context of Catalonia’s long industrial history. From 2010 to 2012, was a member of it’s executive board.

Its development and continuity has been supported by its accumulated experience over more than fifty years, its representative character, its large number of members and its presence in the national and international scene. Since 1961 it has been a member of Icsid.

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‘Made in Japain: The true story of Spanish design’ was an exhibition commissioned by ICEX ‘Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade’ and designed and curated by CuldeSac™.

Japain is the meeting point between two cultures; Japan and Spain, in a fantastic past when both shared history. Hence the common passion for stringed instruments, flowers, color red, the language of fans. More than just an exhibition, ‘Made in Japain’ is an itinerary throughout a fantastic country that the visitor will experience for some minutes and always remember.

A fantastic fond story with a selection of 125 pieces, that includes Box, our recycling container designed for Vilagrasa.

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Lamps’ collection. Edition limited to fifty units for the project Plato Combinado. The design, essentially door-bulb structures, pays homage to the french short Le Ballon Rouge. Directed by Albert Lamorisse in 1956, follows the adventures of a young boy who one day finds a sentient, mute, red balloon.

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Since 2009, collaborates, first as a freelance designer and from 2015 as a designer in-house, with design studio Concepts and Ideas for Commercial Purposes, headed by Martí Guixé.

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Tribute to designers J.M. Massana and J.M. Tremoleda.

The good design of the present must meet the demands of the future and must also recognise and assimilate the conquests and achievements of the past. That is why the FAD has been organising since 2004 the series Masters. The FAD Chain, a series of tributes that recognises the trajectory of some of the most illustrious members of the FAD.

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Recycling container box for solid waste in different formats and capacities. Its shape, simple abstraction of an open box, facilitates the introduction of waste. The interior color and the simplicity and cogency of its pictograms, identify clearly the type of waste it contain. A simple formal exercise transforms the iconographic plasticity of a cardboard box into a functional waste container.

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Jewel pack for In Collezzione, the jewel kid’s collection from Imaginarium. The jewels are packed in three funny balls of different colours and sizes becoming a new toy. ABS and Foam made. As industrial designer from Morillas, we start working with Imaginarium in 2006 in several packaging projects including Mo1, Biohabitat and In Collezzione.

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Long neck glass bottle for Group Mahou San Miguel. Including Mahou International, Mahou Light and Selecta XV. With Coronita, it’s the longer world’s neck beer bottle. Project designed in Morillas in-house design team.

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Interior design project for Nike’s Brand Space. Organized along the street Abaixadors in 2006, 10 in Barcelona. The project consisted of setting with recreation and space for different presentations of the brand new items. Among the presented brands include Nike +, RojoAir, Nike ID and Jordan. Project designed in Morillas in-house team.

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A simple, exclusive and luxurius 75 cl. water bottle, awared with the second prize in the spanish edition of Monaco Luxepack Design Award 2005.

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Packaging for alergies’ diagnostic vials. A clipping system attaches eficiently the vials within the box. Manufactured in polyethylene. Project designed in Morillas in-house design team.

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Milk bottle for Central Lechera Asturiana. A new packaging more practical and innovative. The oval shape improves ergonomics, faciliting its managing and use, now easier to handle. A new technology employs three-layer bottle to protect milk from light and preserving all its vitamins.

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Glass bottle for Salsas Gallo: Bolognaise, Neapolitan, Sicilina, Wild Mushroom, Trito di Funghi, Caponata di Vegetale, Pesto Rosso.

Its design facilitates paper and sleeve labels. The main goal is to highlight it from other market sauces.

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Industrial designer graduated from Eina, University School of Design and Art. The School was Founded in 1967, its critical spirit, a constant in the school’s growth, has led to its ongoing renewal, which is why various generations of creators have emerged from Eina to play an active part in the establishment and renewal of its cultural environment.

As a university school, it is attached to the Autonomous University of Barcelona, being part of one of the great state universities in Catalonia.

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