Tribute to designers J.M. Massana and J.M. Tremoleda.

The good design of the present must meet the demands of the future and must also recognise and assimilate the conquests and achievements of the past. That is why the FAD has been organising since 2004 the series Masters. The FAD Chain, a series of tributes that recognises the trajectory of some of the most illustrious members of the FAD.






J. M. Massana and J. M. Tremoleda, industrial designers and the soul of Mobles 114, the company they founded together with Mariano Ferrer in the year 1973 and the vehicle through which they materialised their designs. Timeless objects conceived as the harmonisation of humanistic and industrial values. A recipe that over the years has allowed many of them to become icons of design in this country.

They set off on their quest one Autumn in 1973, at number 114 of calle Enric Granados and led by Mariano Ferrer, who would years later sever his ties to them, as they were probably more concerned with enjoying the journey than with attaining horizons while through their firm advance they left clear footprints that have lasted over time.

The Tria bookcase, the Gira lamp (designed together with Mariano Ferrer), the Marina bench or the Pey tables are some of the objects designed by J. M. Massana and J. M. Tremoleda. Together with objects by other designers, such as the Ona coat hanger, the small Torres Clavé armchair, the Gimlet chairs, the Marquina cruet or the Flod stool, they currently form part of the company’s catalogue and the country’s heritage. Useful, discreet and friendly objects with which we share our lives almost without noticing.

An exceptional testimony to perseverance and coherence, with whom the FAD inaugurates the sixth edition of the series Masters. The FAD Chain and which has the objective of reviewing and publicly recognising the professional work of some of the most emblematic members and making them known to the new generations.